Admission Requirements

Candidates who can be admitted to the program:

  1. Those holding a BSc degree from a Department of Psychology in an institution of higher education in Greece.
  2. Those holding a BSc degree from a Department of Psychology in an accredited institution of higher education abroad. The MSc degree cannot be awarded to a student whose bachelor’s degree from a university abroad has not been recognized by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (NARIC), according to law 3328/2005 (A0).


Calls for applications: June – July every two years

Submissions deadline:  End of July

Introductory written examinations: September every two years. The exact dates are determined and announced by the Department.

Supporting Documents

  1. Application (found here _____)
  2. Certificate of graduation/Bachelor’s Degree

To apply for a Master’s program, University Degrees issued by a foreign university must be declared equivalent to the Greek Degrees by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center (NARIC/DOATAP) (, according to procedures and deadlines established on the website.

  1. Transcript of Records or Diploma Supplements
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. B2-level attestation from the Modern Greek Language Teaching Center of the University of Athens or the Greek Language School of the University of Thessaloniki or a B2-Level Certificate from the Center for the Greek Language from the Ministry of Culture
  4. Photocopies of supporting documents for the candidates’ curriculum vitae (conferences, workshops, experience in research programs, publications, etc.)

Candidate screening and selection criteria: 

The candidate selection adheres to the criteria specified in article 34 par. 2 of

Law 4485/2017.  More specifically, the selection process is completed in two phases:

Phase I: Evaluation of the following criteria:

  1. a) bachelor’s degree relevant courses and grade point average
  2. b) relevance and grade of undergraduate thesis
  3. c) research and professional experience
  4. d) performance in an administered written examination


Scoring is carried out according to the criteria sections a, b, c, and d. Please note that only candidates who have passed the written examination are invited for interview.

Phase II:

  1. e) individual interview

The final scores and ranking of the candidates

(successors and runners-up) results from the points

of a, b, c, and d and e.

The Selection Committee. compiles the final ranking table of candidates and the results are announced.

The exact number of students admitted is determined after assessing the capabilities of the personnel to effectively support the Program but it cannot exceed the upper limit of twelve (12) postgraduate students every two years.

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