Course Structure

1st semester


Code Title ECTS                            
KPE01 Neurobiology, psychopharmacology and the etiology of addiction 6
KPE02 Psychodiagnostic formulation in addiction 6
KPE03 Current individual-level interventions in addiction   6
KPE04 Postmodern systemic approaches to substance use and abuse   6
KPE05 Laboratory: Motivational Interviewing   6


    2nd semester
Code                        Title ECTS
   KPE06                   Quantitative data processing: methods and techniques of analysis      6
    KPE07                        Qualitative research methodology in addiction studies      6
     KPE08                        Prevention and health promotion      6
    KPE09                     Laboratory: Psychosocial interventions for addiction-challenged families      6
     KPE10               Laboratory: Group interventions in addictions       6
 Internship and MSc Thesis                                                3d and 4th Semesters


              Internship – unpaid  (1200 h)


                   MSc Diploma Thesis       20

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

A scale of 1 to 10 applies to the marks of each subject in Hellenic Higher Education.

Excellent  (Arista) from 8.50 to 10.00

Very Good (Lian Kalos) from 6.50 to 8.49

Good (Kalos) from 6.00 to 6.49

Fail (Anepitychos) from 0.00 to 5.99

The minimum passing grade, according to the Postgraduate Studies Regulations, is 6.00.